[xmonad] KDE page updated

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Wed Apr 9 06:30:07 EDT 2008

With lots of help from everyone at #xmonad, and especially sjanssen,
I am happy to announce that the wiki page for using Xmonad with KDE


has been updated. Using these instructions, it should be easy
for most users of KDE 3.5 to get going with Xmonad in ten minutes
or less. (Well, it does require being able to recognize a file path
and to create a text file.)

If you have KDE, please check it out. Any additions and improvements
would be highly appreciated. See below for some remaining issues.

To the maintainer of the Xmonad front page: Near the top of the page,
the word "Gnome" is linked but "KDE" is not. If you agree that
the KDE page is now in good enough shape, please link also to
the KDE page.

Here are some Xmonad/KDE issues that are still open. If you
can make any progress, please do.

o The configuration really needs to rebind mod-shift-q to end the
KDE session, but I don't know what command to spawn for this.

o I still have KDE 3.5, and I don't plan to muck around with 4.0
until it gets into Debian testing. If you have 4.0, please test out
this configuration and report your findings.


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