[xmonad] Issue 173 in xmonad: Feature request: Extension for 'always on visible desktop' windows

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Tue Apr 8 12:06:48 EDT 2008

Issue 173: Feature request: Extension for 'always on visible desktop' windows

New issue report by veselov:
I'd like to have a possibility to mark particular floating window as
'Always on visible workspace' (there is such possibility in Gnome's
metacity, etc.). It might be quite handy for watching video in a background
while switching between workspaces and doing another stuff.

Example steps:
1. I want to see some floating window (mplayer, etc.) in each workspace.
2. I press some hotkey to make it 'always visible'.
3. The window should follow me while I'm switching between workspaces.
4. I can press another (or the same) hotkey to toggle this window state.

I'm not sure if I can implement it by myself, but I should try :)

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