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Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Tue Apr 1 09:34:29 EDT 2008

* Henning <henning at hasemail.de> [2008-04-01 15:20:34+0200]
> Thanks for this layout :) Its one of the number one reasons for me to
> migrate to 0.7!
> From the TODO:
> > All these items are questionable. Please let me know if you find them
> > useful.
> > shrink/expand
> Could be nice, but I would use it only rarely
> > allow roster placement on the right side or even on top/bottom 
> I'm used to have it on the right side. Top/Bottom might be nice for
> other apps than IM's but I can't think of an example.
> > use arbitrary layout instead of grid
> Grid is ok, but often I tend to have my IRC-Client on the same
> workspace so Tabbed or similar would be cool. A really cool feature
> would be a way to switch the "child layout", but I can imagine this
> might not be that easy to implement.
> Henning
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Thanks for your feedback!

It just occured to me that you can easily make IM window appear on the
right side by using reflectHoriz from XMonad.Layout.Reflect module.
I'll update the docs.

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