[Xmonad] Issue 49 in xmonad: XMonad sometimes stops responding to alt key

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Sun Sep 30 13:25:07 EDT 2007

Issue 49: XMonad sometimes stops responding to alt key

New issue report by david.maciver:
I'm using XMonad 0.3 on Ubuntu 7.04.

I unfortunately don't have a reproducable test case for this - it happens
seemingly at random. Under some circumstances, xmonad stops responding to
the alt key (which I have set up as default mod). 

I've had this happen three times today. The last two times it's happened it
seems to have been when I used a keyboard shortcut which was already bound
by the application I was using at the time - the application responded to
the shortcut instead and xmonad subsequently didn't. However, it seems to
be the case that all other applications are still able to listen to the alt
key afterwards (even for shortcuts which xmonad normally takes), so it's
possible that this was just the first noticable symptom.

I'm going to change the default mod binding to a different key and see if
that helps. 

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