[Xmonad] Re: Gnome with xmonad HowTo

Jean-Philippe Bernardy jeanphilippe.bernardy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 06:08:43 EDT 2007

Alex Tarkovsky <alextarkovsky at ...> writes:

> Now right-click
> on the panel, select Properties, and in the General tab you'll see a
> combo box labeled "Orientation". First set the orientation to "Left",
> then "Bottom", then "Top". If your setup is like mine, that's the lucky
> combination that lands the panel -- properly sized -- into the gap,
> right where we want it. If not, try moving it around a bit more with the
> Orientation until it behaves.
> Xmonad 0.4 is rumored to make all this silliness moot by properly
> handling the panel positioning automatically. Until then, you're stuck
> with performing this routine each time you log into Gnome.

One can also resize the panel programmatically at the end of the demanage
function, eg:

    dpy <- asks display
    io $ moveResizeWindow dpy w 0 (1024 - fromIntegral h) 1280 (fromIntegral h)
       where h = 24::Int

puts the panel in the bottom, avoiding end of the routine.

-- JP, a new and happy user of XMonad :)

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