[Xmonad] Issue 19 in xmonad: Investigate a way to allow contrib extensions to use compositing.

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Thu Sep 20 00:15:23 EDT 2007

Issue 19: Investigate a way to allow contrib extensions to use compositing.

Comment #2 by alextarkovsky:
I'd love an extension which allows me to dispense with window borders entirely by
automatically setting the currently focused window to 100% opacity and all
non-focused windows to low opacity.

xcompmgr with transset-df are extremely lightweight and have all the functionality to
accomplish that (xcompmgr also handles drop shadows and fading transition effects
nicely), but unfortunately xcompmgr, being a demo app, seems to have been abandoned 3
years ago and remains very buggy (not to mention it's probably full of deprecated
compositing API calls).

A more daunting option might be to hook into Compiz Fusion, however it doesn't
currently live happily with xmonad running (if anyone knows how to remedy that let me
know!), and anyhow most of its functionality is useless in the xmonad context. Seems
like bloat really.

So I believe a good starting goal for basic xmonad compositing support would be to
duplicate the functionality of xcompmgr and transset-df directly in Haskell.

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