[Xmonad] about a configuration GUI

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Tue Sep 18 09:37:43 EDT 2007


I had a look at the possibility of writing a configuration gui with
gtk2hs, and I think it should not be difficult: the GUI can be design
with Glade, and the Haskell part should be quite easy (and fun) to

The problem is the back end, the configuration parsing/writing. 

And here I'm puzzled. I've read the [HUMOR] discussion and something
on IRC, but there seems not to be a consensus on what this
configuration gui should be.

Suppose we create a stand alone utility for configuring and building
XMonad, a utility that must deal with the XMonadContrib repository to
be meaningful.

That could generate a configuration file not to be manually edited.
Still it would be probably easier to use a data type to store the
configuration options the GUI could support. Otherwise I'm inclined to
think we must use a more difficult approach. There are many ways but I
would like Dons, Spencer or David or the others more advanced
haskellers to give me some advice here.

We can also think about other approaches, more simpler ones. Something
based on the job already done by Alex with the docstring stuff.

Or something very simple to just deal with the core code, providing a
simple GUI to modify gaps, key bindings, etc.

What do you think?


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