[Xmonad] Switching away from and back to a tabbed workspace

Kai Grossjohann kai at emptydomain.de
Thu Sep 13 06:56:02 EDT 2007

On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 08:40:46PM +1000, Dave Harrison wrote:

> Interestingly, I _think_ I might have isolated the problem to urxvt.
> I've been unable to trigger the problem when I use konsole instead of
> urxvt despite many many attempts using the same behaviours that cause
> the weirdness when I'm using urxvt.

I haven't looked at the screenshots, but I also observe that urxvt
windows contain "garbage" below the last line, if the window height is
not a multiple of the line height.  (For example, when opening a new
urxvt window, the old master window might be pushed to the right column
and made smaller.  At that time, below the last line I might see output
from the previous, larger, content.  Ctrl-L does not fix this.  But
switching to another workspace and back does.)

This is using the normal tiled layout, not with the tabbed layout.


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