[Xmonad] darcs patch: Fix float in Operations.hs (and 2 more)

Karsten Schoelzel kuser at gmx.de
Sun Sep 9 19:03:43 EDT 2007

Mon Sep 10 00:04:04 CEST 2007  Karsten Schoelzel <kuser at gmx.de>
  * Fix float in Operations.hs
  First, if float is called with window which is on a hidden workspace,
  then the window will remain on that hidden workspace.
  Let's have 2 screens s1 and s2 with windows [ a* ] and [ b*, c, d ],
  and the upper-left corner of d is on s1 (i'm not sure if this can happen with
  the current functions)
  Now call (float d). Then d becomes floating on s1 and the screens look like
   - [ d, a* ] and [ b, c* ] without the use of shiftWin 
   - [ d, a* ] and [ b*, c ] with shiftWin
  thus leaving focus intact on the second screen.

Mon Sep 10 00:29:30 CEST 2007  Karsten Schoelzel <kuser at gmx.de>
  * More focus fixes.
  Okay fix the focus with float once more.
  The following will hold now:
   - the currently focused window won't loose the focus
   - the window which gets floated, will be the focused window on the target workspace, unless
      it gets to the current screen, which was non-empty before,
      and wasn't the focused window on the current screen
   - if float moves a window from a workspace X to another one, the focus on X will be as if X
      was simply shifted away
  The behaviour seems to be quite complicated :-(

Mon Sep 10 00:44:38 CEST 2007  Karsten Schoelzel <kuser at gmx.de>
  * Float focus final fix
  Now the focus should change more as expected: 
  float w = (view current) . (shiftWin ws w)
          current is the current screen/workspace
          shiftWin ws w is: - view the workspace w is on
                            - set focus on w
                            - shift ws
                            - set focus back to window it was on that workspace
                                  unless w was focused
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