[Xmonad] trouble with xmonad 0.3: mod-tab intermittently makes mouse clicks cease to work

Zed Lopez gmane.xmonad.zed2323 at xoxy.net
Thu Sep 6 12:44:39 EDT 2007

I tried Xmonad 0.3 last night. I have a double-monitor setup, configured as
separate screens (I used this successfully with Xmonad 0.2.) I was only using
one of them, with the FullScreen layout, and a bog-standard, uncustomized,
no-extensions Xmonad 0.3.

Occasionally, Mod-tabbing between screens resulted in mouse clicks doing nothing
-- the mouse continued to move the cursor. Cycling through the windows again
with mod-tab fixed it.

I can't reproduce this at will -- like I said, it's intermittent. Is anyone else
facing this?

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