[Xmonad] Switching workspace ...

Kai Grossjohann kai at emptydomain.de
Mon Sep 3 04:46:45 EDT 2007

After XMonad starts, the focus is normally on workspace 1, which is on
the first screen/head.

If you start a program on that workspace, then switch to workspace 3
with Mod-3, then the first screen/head should become empty because
workspace 3 is normally empty.

Does that happen?


On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 06:16:11PM +0200, kg wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am a beginner of Haskell language.
> I am a beginnner of xmonad :)
> I am a Ion3's user who wants leave Ion3 (for many reasons ...)
> So, I have tested Xmonad. All fonctionnalities are ok execpts workspaces:
> I follow the guided tour and I try to "use other workspaces" :
> " xmonad has, by default, 9 virtual workspaces. You can switch between
> them using *mod-1* to *mod-9*. Switching to workspace 4 *mod-4* we find
> it empty:"
> But I don't find a empty workspace.
> PS:
>    -I have 2 screen -> Xinerama. I can switch between screens (mod-[ew])
>    -I beleve the shortcuts is "reserved" for xmonad (Nothing is written
> in xterm)
> Have you got ideas ?
> Thx in advance.

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