[Xmonad] Issue 78 in xmonad: Extension state

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Wed Oct 31 10:00:04 EDT 2007

Issue 78: Extension state

Comment #1 by daveroundy:
Note, we could also make other hooks use the same mechanism as Layouts. 
 The Layout
mechanism is similar in effect to a writer monad, but with a 
special-case for when
the state doesn't change, so we won't have to redraw the windows if a 
message doesn't
change the layout.  This approach seems to work well for Layouts, but I 
suppose isn't
needed for other hooks (as we don't care whether or not they've 
changed).  It also
make it pretty easy to write buggy layout combinators, since it's all 
too easy to
ignore that return value.

I wonder if perhaps a custom monad would be helpful for Layouts? And 
whether perhaps
we could use a similar approach for hooks? i.e. if we put hooks into a 
monad that
allows them to return a modified hook, wouldn't that be enough?

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