[Xmonad] user Config.hs with freebsd's xmonad port

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 29 23:52:50 EDT 2007

there is a freebsd port for xmonad as of oct 25

one small issue - no ability to pass one's own Config.hs through to
the build process automatically. the following patch got the port
Makefile, which i have submitted to the port maintainer, will provide
this ability:

> pre-everything::
>       @${ECHO_MSG} "To build xmonad with your own Config.hs, use the
>       XMONAD_CONF setting:"
>       @${ECHO_MSG} "make XMONAD_CONF=/path/to/dwm/Config.hs install
>       clean"
> post-extract:
> .if defined(XMONAD_CONF)
>       @${ECHO_MSG} "creating Config.hs from ${XMONAD_CONF}"
>       @${ECHO_MSG} "wrksrc: ${WRKSRC}"
>       @${CP} ${XMONAD_CONF} ${WRKSRC}/Config.hs
> .endif

be careful cutting and pasting this if your environment changes tabs
to spaces

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