[Xmonad] Issue 69 in xmonad: Key binding improvements

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Mon Oct 22 20:25:34 EDT 2007

Issue 69: Key binding improvements

Comment #6 by gwern0:
twifkak: I am not sure. It seems to add in another keymap, but not 
replace XMonad's.
Thinking about it, if I understand correctly the documentation, you 
could perhaps
insert all the normal bindings *within* a submap and as long as you 
deleted the
original things might work... I think I've noticed that even when the 
prefix is hit,
as long as the Mod-whatever is bound to a command, it just gets passed 
on. But I
would really need to mess around with it to know whether you could hack 
something up
akin to what I'm suggesting as the default.

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