[Xmonad] Issue 68 in xmonad: Extension request: banish mouse pointer

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Mon Oct 22 18:22:16 EDT 2007

Issue 68: Extension request: banish mouse pointer

Comment #3 by gwern0:
One final feature that could be implemented in the same general area: 'warp'.

"warp state  	Command
Toggle rat warping. By default ratpoison saves the position of the rat 
when leaving a
window and when the user returns to the window the rat's position is 
restored. This
can be counter-intuitive, so you can toggle it with this command. state 
can be on or

In other words, if you set warp on, then upon focus shifting to a 
window, the window
manager will move the pointer to the last recorded position regardless 
of where it
was when you shifted focus. This should be an XMonadContrib module.

I found it handy for copy and paste. My mouse would be somewhere in the 
top half of
the screen, I'd be editing in Emacs in the bottom, and warp meant the 
mouse went
where it should be. A small but comfortable feature.

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