[Xmonad] (OT) Fwd: Constrained resize for floated windows

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Oct 22 17:54:22 EDT 2007

> Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> >
> >On Oct 21, 2007, at 12:50 , Isaac Dupree wrote:
> >
> >>Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> >>>The main problem with such a submission point is that most 
> >>>"submissions" would come from spammers.  (*grumble*)
> >>
> >>Are spammers really smart enough to put "darcs patch: " at the 
> >>beginning of the subject line, and attach a darcs patch (e.g. reject 
> >>any subject line that doesn't contain "darcs patch", at least if it's 
> >>from someone who has never sent a message that's been accepted by the 
> >>address/list)?  If they don't sign up, and aren't given access to list 
> >>archives, I don't see how spammer-machines could automatically find 
> >>out...
> >
> >Sadly, spammers aren't just machines, and the people behind the machines 
> >seem to actively seek out ways to target even the most unlikely 
> >recipients.  I've given up on trying to understand their logic beyond 
> >"all possible recipients in all possible ways at all possible times".
> the odd thing is that haskell.org and other mailman mailing lists don't 
> seem to get spammed.  Even though anyone can register any e-mail address 
> instantly (in the most common configuration)

They do get spammed. This list gets 5 or so a day.
We just block them effectively by requiring subscription, and then
applying a bunch of mailman rules.

If people will take the time to prepare a darcs patch, the burden of
signing up to the list seems relatively light in comparison, and helps 
ensure we can talk to potential contributors more easily.

-- Don

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