[Xmonad] ShellPrompt.hs (showXPrompt): use a single blank

Valery V. Vorotyntsev valery.vv at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 15:36:33 EDT 2007

Mon Oct 22 22:17:41 EEST 2007  "Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at gmail.com>
  * ShellPrompt.hs (showXPrompt): use a single blank
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[ShellPrompt.hs (showXPrompt): use a single blank
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at gmail.com>**20071022191741] {
hunk ./ShellPrompt.hs 53
-    showXPrompt Shell = "Run:   "
+    showXPrompt Shell = "Run: "


[Fix pragmas in XMonadContrib
Shachaf Ben-Kiki <shachaf at gmail.com>**20071022011738] 
[introduce new combineTwo layout combinator.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071020191748
 This layout combinator is similar in spirit (and in code) to
 the old combo combinator, but only allows two sublayouts.  As
 a result, we don't need to wrap these in existentials, and reading
 works seamlessly.  Also, we add the feature (which could also be
 added to combo) of being able to change which sublayout a given
 window is in through integration with WindowNavigation.
 I envision combo being deprecated soon.  combineTwo isn't quite
 so flexible, but it's much easier and is better-coded also.
[allow layout modifiers to modify a Message in transit.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071020191542
 This is a helpful feature (for, e.g. WindowNavigation) that
 allows modifiers (if they so choose... the old API remains
 supported) to easily send a single Message to the modified
 layout in response to a Message.
[XPrompt.hs (keyPressHandle): Ctrl-g and Ctrl-c added to quit keystrokes
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at gmail.com>**20071020170936
 Obvious comments removed.
[XPrompt.hs: trailing whitespace cleaned
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at gmail.com>**20071020170719] 
[test_XPrompt.hs: there is no ShellPrompt.rmPath
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at gmail.com>**20071019205830] 
[update UrgencyHook example config to reflect changes to WindowNavigation and core Config.hs
Brent Yorgey <byorgey at gmail.com>**20071019145526] 
[add ToggleLayouts module.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071018214525] 
[default to empty description for layout modifiers.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071018202604
 This is because modifierDescription is designed to be human-readable,
 and show rarely creates a human-readable description.  And in many (if
 not most) cases, an empty description is precisely what we want.
[beautify description code for empty modifier-description.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071018202438] 
[change definition of 'description' function for LayoutModifier so an extra space is not added if the modifier description is empty.
Brent Yorgey <byorgey at gmail.com>**20071018183054] 
[-Wall police
l.mai at web.de**20071018033000] 
[DynamicLog.hs: Add dzenColor
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071018174523] 
[add function to rename workspaces.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071018145604] 
[fix WindowNavigation comment
l.mai at web.de**20071018054315] 
[change example to dzenUrgencyHook
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071018022026] 
[add dzenUrgencyHook as example (and the one I use)
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071018021742] 
[fixed Dzen and gave it a configurable timeout
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071018012910] 
[rename LayoutSelect & defaultLayout in comments
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071016051819] 
[add import to comments, for clarity
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071012044555] 
[documentation for UrgencyHook
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071012034506] 
[d'oh, minor UrgencyHook cleanup
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071012032558] 
[brand new UrgencyHook contrib, depends on X11-extras WMHints binding
Devin Mullins <me at twifkak.com>**20071011051641
 It's a LayoutModifier which lets you define an urgencyHook function -- the
 action gets performed wheneveran X client sends an XUrgencyHint message (i.e.
 tries to "flash" the "taskbar").
 This statically points to Config.urgencyHook, which requires that the user add
 a line to Config.hs-boot, in addition to defining the urgencyHook.
 Documentation forthcoming.
[TilePrime.hs: Give a description that distinguishs between horizontal/vertical
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071018063749] 
[Truncate title at 80 characters
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071018003013] 
[shorten in sjanssenPP too
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071018002821] 
[Truncate long window titles
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071018002511] 
[DynamicLog.hs: Add ppWsSep field to PP to specify workspace separator.
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071018001652
 This can be useful when you are using colors to distinguish between
 workspaces and simply provides more functionality. The default behavior
 remains the same.
[Wrapping the empty string yields the empty string
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071018001542] 
[DynamicLog: documentation only
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017211427] 
[Allow the user to change the order of workspaces, layout, title
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017211303] 
[Don't wrap the layout description by default
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017211011] 
[DynamicLog: not . null. Duh.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017210912] 
[A big dynamicLog refactor
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017210431
 We introduce the PP type to allow user customization of dynamicLog.
 dynamicLogWithTitle has been eliminated because this is the default behavior
 for dynamicLog now.
[Don't toLower the layout description.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017202953
 If we'd really like lower case layout descriptions, the 'description' method
 in the LayoutClass instances should be changed instead.
[TilePrime.hs: Correct behavior when number of windows <= nmaster
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071017205153
 Additionally this patch does various clean-ups that should not
 affect functionality.
[Remove RunInXTerm in favor of Run
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071017202201] 
[Move runXXX functions to one module
Christian Thiemann <mail at christian-thiemann.de>**20071012145233
 This patch takes runProcessWithInput out of Dmenu, runProcessWithInputAndWait
 out of Dzen, and runInXTerm out of RunInXTerm and collects them in one central
 module called Run.  This way, other modules may include Run instead of Dmenu
 to get what they want without giving the impression of making use of dmenu.
[Fix LANGUAGE pragmas
Shachaf Ben-Kiki <shachaf at gmail.com>**20071017194622] 
[use full screen for single window in TilePrime
l.mai at web.de**20071017191421] 
[RotSlaves.hs: Add rotAll functions
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071017173256] 
[TilePrime.hs: add usage info.
Joachim Fasting <joachim.fasting at gmail.com>**20071017192612] 
[TilePrime.hs: add LANGAUGE pragma.
Joachim Fasting <joachim.fasting at gmail.com>**20071017182042] 
[MetaModule.hs: add WorkspacePrompt.
Joachim Fasting <joachim.fasting at gmail.com>**20071017182027] 
[add TilePrime to MetaModule.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071017133202] 
[Initial import of TilePrime
Eric Mertens <emertens at galois.com>**20071017052017
 This layout provides a standard tiling layout with support for resize hints
 and filling the gaps created by them.
[code cleanup in selectWorkspace.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016231218] 
[allow users to go to dynamically-added workspaces with mod-n.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016230301] 
[add modules to deal with Workspaces (select, etc) by name using XPrompt.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016223347] 
[make windowNavigation simpler to use in simplest case.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016214337] 
[compute nice window border for WindowNavigation properly.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016213316] 
[fix docs on WindowNavigation.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071016210349] 
[compute a reasonable navigation color based on focussed color.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071015165504] 
[WindowNavigation: don't export the config constructor and some haddock fixes
Andrea Rossato <andrea.rossato at unibz.it>**20071013090524
 I told to David I would have taken care of that: instead of exporting
 the config constructor we export 2 functions: navigateColor and
 noNavigateBorders. Updated documentation accordingly.
[improvements in Combo.
David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>**20071015132839] 
[TAG 0.4
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>**20071016212343] 
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