[Xmonad] Issue 67 in xmonad: Request: 'ratpoison -c' alike

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Mon Oct 22 12:06:24 EDT 2007

Issue 67: Request: 'ratpoison -c' alike

New issue report by gwern0:
A very nice feature I'd like to see on XMonad is a capability Ratpoison
(and to a lesser degree, StumpWM) has for scripting from the commandline
via a '-c' option which interprets the argument as the name of a command,
eg. 'kill', 'spawn', etc.

The Ratpoison Info page
describes it thus:
'-c, --command
    Send ratpoison a colon-command. This allows you to control ratpoison
from the command-line. with the -c option you can script ratpoison using
any programming language that can spawn a process. Some commands behave
differently when invoked this way. Currently the only commands that behaves
differently are the windows command and some def* commands. Instead of
displaying the window list in a message window, it is printed to stdout.
The output can then be captured and used in the ratpoison script. For
instance, this could be used to check whether a program is running and if
it is switch to its window otherwise launch it.

    It should also be noted that multiple -c options can be used.

    to facilitate writing scripts, the RATPOISON environment variable is
set to the full path of the ratpoison binary.

              $ ratpoison -c split -c split

    Here ratpoison would split the current frame twice.'

Admittedly, this is not as crucial a feature for XMonad as it is for
Ratpoison as XMonad has Haskell as a first-class extension language and not
Ratpoison's crippled DSL, but it is still useful - among other 
benefits, it
makes switching easier for Ratpoison users, is much easier for
non-Haskellers to script I'd bet, and so on.

I do not have any suggestions for how to implement this or whether this
could be done solely via extensions.

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