[Xmonad] Combo layouts ??

Dave Harrison dave at nullcube.com
Thu Oct 18 03:51:27 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I've just been trying to use Combo to setup a two-pane split
workspace, but the examples in the contrib file don't work for me.

When I use this line,

combo (TwoPane 0.03 0.5) [(Full,1),(tabbed shrinkText defaultTConf,1)]

in my Config.hs as follows,

layouts = [ combo (TwoPane 0.03 0.5) [(Full,1),(tabbed shrinkText
          , Layout $ tabbed shrinkText defaultTConf
          , Layout tiled
          , Layout $ Mirror tiled
          , Layout Full

I get the following build error,

Preprocessing executables for xmonad-0.4...
Building xmonad-0.4...
[ 6 of 15] Compiling Config[boot]     ( Config.hs-boot, nothing )
[14 of 15] Compiling Config           ( Config.hs,
dist/build/xmonad/xmonad-tmp/Config.o )

    Couldn't match expected type `Layout a'
           against inferred type `Full a1'
    In the expression: Full
    In the expression: (Full, 1)
    In the second argument of `combo', namely
        `[(Full, 1), (tabbed shrinkText defaultTConf, 1)]'

What am I doing wrong here ??


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