[Xmonad] Issue 54 in xmonad: Composable manageHooks interface

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Fri Oct 12 04:15:53 EDT 2007

Issue 54: Composable manageHooks interface

Comment #4 by nomeata:
How can you (as a user) add a manageHook that needs IO, when the 
currently encouraged
way of adding manageHook is by using patterns? Let's say you already 
have some
pattern based hooks A and B and you want to add another hook that might 
need even
when A or B or none matches?

Sure, it's possible if you put the burden on the user, but that's 
exactly what I try
to avoid.

I will come up with a patch after 0.4, probably one that only touches 
Contrib (but
puts more work on the user) first.

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