[Xmonad] xmonad does not start

Alexander Solovyov piranha at piranha.org.ua
Tue Oct 9 16:33:26 EDT 2007


I hope you can help me. I've compiled xmonad step by step as written
in manual, but it does not start - after logging in xdm my screen just
blink several times (like X restarting - and it restarts, according to
log) and shows starting screen again.

My distro is ALT Linux (I think this does not matter ;)), GHC 6.6.1,
all libraries was installed by distro except X11-extras (which I have
installed in my home, just like xmonad itself).

Maybe I can provide some more precise information? Just say what I need to tell.

Thanks in advance! Hope I'll have possibility to enjoy this great wm. :)


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