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Christian Thiemann mail at christian-thiemann.de
Sun Oct 7 18:30:00 EDT 2007


I am currently looking into all the XMonadContrib modules to see what I 
like and what I don't want to have in my Config.hs.

I noticed some modules import Dmenu just for the runProcessWithInput 
function.  I don't have dmenu installed on my system and I think it's a 
little confusing (at least on first sight) that some module pulls in 
Dmenu without actually using dmenu (I was always like "oh no, it needs 
dmenu to be installed - no wait, it just uses runProcessWithInput"). 
Probably the runProcessWithInput function from Dmenu, 
runProcessWithInputAndWait from Dzen and runInXTerm from RunInXTerm 
could be merged into some module called e.g. Run or RunProcess.  I think 
that way the contents of the modules are more consistent with their names.

Oh, and by the way (I hope that's not a FAQ): When I add a new layout to 
the defaultLayouts I need to quit xmonad and start it again - the mod-q 
restart feature won't give me the new layouts.  Is this a bug or a 
feature?  (I find it quite annoying, since killing xmonad means killing 
my whole X session... so I use an Xnest testbed for looking at the 
layout modules.)


Christian Thiemann
mail at christian-thiemann.de

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