[Xmonad] Issue 54 in xmonad: Composable manageHooks interface

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Sat Oct 6 18:32:12 EDT 2007

Issue 54: Composable manageHooks interface

Comment #2 by nomeata:
I still think that this is too limited. Why just name and class, when 
there are
probably much more to match on? And note how this failed with the panel 
(where name
and class is the same for the dialogs).

For matching names, it's probably easier similar to the way it's 
done in
XMonadContrib/XPropManage.hs: Provide a hook for manageHooks that uses 
a nother,
Extension specific configuration to allow the user to specify hooks 
that match the name.

This might be even more true with a unified hook system, where the user 
just list all
extension he uses and does not worry about which hooks exist and are 
needed for what
particualr extension. I got some ideas today, I'll post them 
separately later.

(re: I could not find a way to change the label. Will look more careful 
next time)

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