[Xmonad] Issue 12 in xmonad: Support _NET_WM_STRUT property for status bar programs

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Sat Oct 6 18:23:11 EDT 2007

Issue 12: Support _NET_WM_STRUT property for status bar programs

Comment #10 by nomeata:
defaultGaps is currenlty hard-coded to Config.hs, how should it be updated?

Whoever implements this: Note that DOCK and STRUT is not the same. The 
way I read it,
DOCK means „leave me alone at the position where I want to be (and 
probably above
others)", STRUT means „don't allow any other windows here".

I also think there is a variant of STRUT where the area to keep free is 
not the whole
window, e.g. for panels that hide to a very thin line, and only that 
has to be kept
free by the WM.

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