[xmonad] Ssh-Prompt: Completion

Dominik Bruhn dominik at dbruhn.de
Thu Nov 29 12:21:32 EST 2007

> The history is not used for completions: you may have wrong addresses
> in you history, or whatever, so I don't think completions using
> history is the way to go.
Okay, I understand this clearly!

> If it not possible to read the list of know hosts it is not possible
> to, ehm... create a list of know hosts.
Yeah, but its not me obfuscating the know_hosts this seems a
ssh-feature. I dont know how it works and google couldnt tell me
anything more. 

>I see only two ways out of
> this problem: a second prompt function, something like sshPrompt',
> with an explicit list of know hosts: that would not be a flexible
> solution, but it could provide a solution for situations like yours.
Yeah, its better than nothing but I would prefer a dynamic list

> A second way could be to actually reading that text. Which only
> requires to know how it is obfuscated (btw, why should I obfuscate the
> know hosts of my account?)
Thats the mos important question: How does the know-host obfuscation (or
is it encryption) work and why do they do this at all? 6 months ago my
know-hosts was fine and now everything is encrypted so it must be a
ssh-update. Does anybody know something more?

Dominik Bruhn
mailto: dominik at dbruhn.de
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