[xmonad] Prompt: Keys not working

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Thu Nov 29 12:18:08 EST 2007

On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 06:00:22PM +0100, Dominik Bruhn wrote:
> Hy,
> as mentioned before I use xmonad and xmonad-contrib from darcs.
> The Prompt-Plugin (the problem occurs both in ssh-prompt and append to 
> file) got a bug imho:
> By looking into the code I found out that you can exit the prompt with a
> CTRL+c and move in the prompt like on Bash using CTRL+a and CTRL+e. All
> these command dont work at all, alle command which use a CTRL Modifier 
> generate strange characters in the Commandprompt but dont do anything.
> For example the CTRL+c generates a strange chineese looking charakter, 
> the CTRL+a produces a black dot.
> Perhaps its a problem with my setup: The whole system is UTF-8, but in
> all other applications (bash, urxvt for example) these shortcuts work so
> I think its a problem with xmonad.
> Can anybody help me with this?

Well, I'm using an utf-8 locale too but this is not an issue, since
xmonad doesn't use the locale setting.

Here I cannot reproduce your problem, but I can remember a couple of
times when this problem appeared, but that was an X server problem
and, upon an X server restart, the problem was gone.

As far a I remember, xev reported strange key board events and that
was the issue, but I'm not sure.

Can you try to use "xev" to find out which key events you X server is

One more information: did you compile xmonad-contrib with XFT support?



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