[xmonad] Dead contribs: a little reminder

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Tue Nov 20 16:42:40 EST 2007

On Monday 19 November 2007 11:27:46 Don Stewart wrote:
> me:
> > Ahoy,
> >
> > Just a reminder that HintedTile, Magnifier, Mosaic, and Anneal have been
> > disabled, because they've bitrotted. (Well, Anneal just because its
> > only user is Mosaic.) I'm pretty sure they should just be deleted by 0.5,
> > so if you want to fight for their preseveration, patch away. (Or if you
> > think they should be left in in non-compiling form, well, argue that,
> > you loser.)
> HintedTile is replaced by TilePrime, afaik?  Mosaic+Anneal by MosaicAlt
> too?
> -- Don

Not exactly.  HintedTile brings layout hints to any layout, TilePrime only
provides the standard tall and mirrored tall layouts.  Mosaic and MosaicAlt
are somewhat different, Mosaic is based on satisfying a number of size
constraints whereas MosaicAlt simply places windows in groups based on
recursive horizontal/vertical splits (AIUI, I haven't actually used either).

We should get someone to port HintedTile to 0.5.  Mosaic hasn't worked for
several releases, meaning that it must be okay to remove it.

Spencer Janssen

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