[xmonad] does it make any sense?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Nov 16 16:46:46 EST 2007

> Hi.
> Sorry if I keep bothering with that. I don't know why, but
> documentation is something I care quite a lot about, and I don't know
> if what I'm doing, which is also quire time consuming, is worthy.
> I'm writing the new Documentation module[1] as if it were a tutorial
> for haskell beginners or intermediate users who want to start playing
> with configuring xmonad. The idea, in part supported by David if I did
> correctly understand him, was to have an introduction to xmonad
> internals...
> ...which brings me to two question:
> 1. who should be the audience of a documentation like that, which
>    remains a Haddock library documentation?
> 2. what is a user required to know in order to being actually able to
>    configure xmonad? 
> I mean, if I get it right, customizing the key bindings means dealing
> with a Data.Map.Map, with insertions, unions, and so forth. To be done
> explicitly in Haskell. Which makes configuration so powerful and
> everything so exciting. This is why we like XMonad, after all. This is
> why we did not write a window manager, but a library to let every user
> write a window manager in 3 lines of haskell! But if you don't know
> Haskell at all and don't care anything about it?
> I think I need some help documenting that: should I stick with my
> initial proposal or should we find a better way to write something
> targeted at a broader audience? i think that, in this second case,
> things get more complicated. And is it the right place for something
> intended for the general user?

One issue: why not develop this on the wiki, rather than in a src file?
I didn't understand the motivation there.

-- Don

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