[xmonad] Issue 89 in xmonad: xmonad FTBFS

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Wed Nov 14 03:52:53 EST 2007

Issue 89: xmonad FTBFS

New issue report by valery.vv:
# What steps will reproduce the problem?
~/src/xmonad% runhaskell Setup.lhs configure --user --prefix=$HOME
Configuring xmonad-0.4...
~/src/xmonad% runhaskell Setup.lhs build
Preprocessing library xmonad-0.4...
Preprocessing executables for xmonad-0.4...
Building xmonad-0.4...
[1 of 8] Compiling XMonad.StackSet  ( XMonad/StackSet.hs, dist/build/
XMonad/StackSet.o )
[2 of 8] Compiling XMonad.Core      ( XMonad/Core.hs, dist/build/XMonad/
Core.o )
[3 of 8] Compiling XMonad.Layouts   ( XMonad/Layouts.hs, dist/build/XMonad/
Layouts.o )
[4 of 8] Compiling XMonad.Operations ( XMonad/Operations.hs, dist/build/
XMonad/Operations.o )
[5 of 8] Compiling XMonad.ManageHook ( XMonad/ManageHook.hs, dist/build/
XMonad/ManageHook.o )
[6 of 8] Compiling XMonad.Config    ( XMonad/Config.hs, dist/build/XMonad/
Config.o )

    Couldn't match expected type `Choose Tall
                                         (Choose (Mirror Tall) Full)'
           against inferred type `Layout'
      Expected type: XConfig (Choose Tall (Choose (Mirror Tall) Full))
                     -> M.Map (ButtonMask, KeySym) (X ())
      Inferred type: XConfig Layout -> M.Map (KeyMask, KeySym) (X ())
    In the `XMonad.keys' field of a record
    In the expression:
            {XMonad.borderWidth = borderWidth,
             XMonad.workspaces = workspaces,
             XMonad.defaultGaps = defaultGaps,
             XMonad.layoutHook = layout,
             XMonad.terminal = terminal,
             XMonad.normalBorderColor = normalBorderColor,
             XMonad.focusedBorderColor = focusedBorderColor,
             XMonad.numlockMask = numlockMask,
             XMonad.modMask = defaultModMask,
             XMonad.keys = keys,
             XMonad.logHook = logHook,
             XMonad.mouseBindings = mouseBindings,
             XMonad.manageHook = manageHook}

The latest xmonad from darcs; GHC 6.6.1.


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