[xmonad] For Darcs-Head: How to change Keybindings

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Nov 11 19:06:21 EST 2007

> Hi,
> I just switched from the old way to change the Config to the new one
> with the .xmonad directory but ran into two problems:
> 1. I want to override the MOD+p call, because I need dmenu to be run
> with a additional parameter (fn for fontname). I dont want to copy the
> whole keys-config to my own config but only override the one keypress.
> As I got now Haskell-Knowledge at all, I would be glad if somebody could
> help me here.

To override, delete  or add keys to the Map of keys you have two

    1) as for 0.4 and earlier, inline the entire default key set in your
    config file, and edit it.

    2) use Map.union/delete/insert to modify only those bindings you're 
    interested in (leading to a shorter config file)

For 2) see sjanssen's config demo in the XMC repo,


> 2. If I try to restart XMonad using MOD+q nothing happens, it doesnt
> reload at all. On the Console I can see:

Not in your path, most likely.

> So, where is the problem? Everything works if I restart XMonad by hand
> (killing the xserver and starting again)
> Thanks for everybody who helps me.

Thanks for the report. We'll have extensive docs and tutorials on
configuration before the 0.5 release. Until then , the wiki and the XMC
repo, and IRC channel are the best sources,


-- Don

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