[Xmonad] compositing

John S. Yates, Jr. john at yates-sheets.org
Sat Nov 3 01:05:59 EDT 2007

On Thu, 1 Nov 2007 21:45:39 -0700, you wrote:

>> Not too long ago this screen shot used to appear on the xmonad homepage:
>>    http://xmonad.org/images/xmonad_xcompmgr.png
>> It was on the strength of the image that I started to play with xmonad.  I now have xmonad working and have even enabled a few extensions.  But for
>> the life of me I cannot find any description of how to achieve the shadow effect.  Can anyone help?
>That's using the xcompmgr application, as described here:
>    http://xmonad.org/contrib.html#xcompmgr
>well, not really described. Look up xcompmgr's man page, e.g.
>    http://packages.debian.org/experimental/x11/xcompmgr
>I'm glad you liked that screenshot too!

Thanks Don.  I now have drop shadows.

Unfortunately they appear on every window.  Originally I did not inspect the referenced screenshot carefully enough and so got the mistaken impression
that this effect would be dynamic.   That is I expected that only the window with the focus would have a shadow.  In a tiled setting this would cause
the window losing focus to appear to drop back to the tiled plane and the window receiving focus appear to pop up.

Is such an effect possible?  Has anyone done so?  Any advice or pointers?



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