[Xmonad] layout combinators

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu May 31 21:45:08 EDT 2007

> I'm not going to get time to look at this again until the weekend, so
> I thought I'd post what I had for people to muse over.
> Combining splitters rather than rectangles is a neat idea (I hope).
> However I think we do need a combinator that merges rectangles back
> together again.  Consider a layout consisting of three columns, where
> the middle column is twice the width of the out ones.  To do this I'd
> like to create four columns and then merge together the two middle
> columns:
>    eg, merge [1..2] . hcat . replicate 4 $ unit
> I really don't like passing indexes to merge, so if anyone can come up
> with a nicer way I'd be very interested.
> For now, this approach ignores the whole issue of scaling factors
> given by the user to get the window sizes exactly as they want.  But I
> do wonder if that can be done as a seperate distortion pass over the
> resultant rects anyway.

I think this is quite a promising approach. Perhaps implement some
demonstration tiligns using this DSL?

-- Don

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