[Xmonad] X11 package installation problem..

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at cox.net
Sat Jun 30 13:57:26 EDT 2007

On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 11:08:23PM +0530, bgm-rao at ieee.org wrote:
>      > Yup, it's what I wanted.  If autoconf can find Xlib but ghc can't,
>      > this is almost certainly a GHC bug...  (be sure to include your system
>      > information, those paths are pretty unusual)
>      > http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/newticket?type=bug
> Stefan, Thanks for the help. I did manage to build X11 and the X11-extras
> package. I removed the extra libs from cabal and aliased ghc to ghc -LX11.
> The problem seems to be with the lower case "-l" that the compiler was
> passed due to extra libs. The installation happened all right.
> Now, however, I have another problem during xmonad build; presumably
> these is related to the work-around I figured?
> ~/xmonad-0.2 <216> runhaskell Setup.lhs build
> Preprocessing executables for xmonad-0.2...
> Building xmonad-0.2...
> [3 of 6] Compiling Config[boot]     ( Config.hs-boot, nothing )
> Linking dist/build/xmonad/xmonad ...
> /user/a0875389/X11-extras-0.2/lib/X11-extras-0.2/ghc-6.6.20070213/libHSX11-extras-0.2.a(Extras.o)(.text+0x139c7): In function `X11zmextraszm0zi2_GraphicsziX11ziXlibziExtras_zdwccall_info':
> : undefined reference to `XConfigureWindow'
> /user/a0875389/X11-extras-0.2/lib/X11-extras-0.2/ghc-6.6.20070213/libHSX11-extras-0.2.a(Extras.o)(.text+0x13adb): In function `X11zmextraszm0zi2_GraphicsziX11ziXlibziExtras_zdwccall1_info':
> : undefined reference to `XKillClient'
> /user/a0875389/X11-extras-0.2/lib/X11-extras-0.2/ghc-6.6.20070213/libHSX11-extras-0.2.a(Extras.o)(.text+0x13b9f): In function `X11zmextraszm0zi2_GraphicsziX11ziXlibziExtras_zdwccall2_info':
> : undefined reference to `XFree'

Your workaround is completely false.  -LX11 adds a nonexistant directory
to the library search path, and as such does absolutely nothing.  Since
the library X11 is not selected, it cannot find the X11 functions!
Library linking under Unix is quite lazy, and the missing dependancies
are not found until xmonad is linked.

GHC is apparently unable to use the path found by autoconf; try adding
-L/usr/X11R6/lib to the Ghc-options.  (after putting -lX11 back in and
unaliasing ghc).  If this doesn't work, file a bug.


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