[Xmonad] More on 0.3 release

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Tue Jun 26 00:50:28 EDT 2007

We've narrowed down the list of tasks left for the 0.3 (floating layer)
release. Researchy tasks are bumped to 0.4, to prevent instability
coming in:

    * finish floating layer/fullscreen integration (dons)
                draft complete, 1/2 day merge, at least a week's testing

    * (maybe) layout info persist across restart (sjanssen)
                unknown, easy to test

    * filters to manage (so you can specify rules for which workspace/layer an app starts in)
                an hour? ,easy to test

    * greedy-by-default workspace switching (sjanssen/jcreigh)
                already implemented

Which bumps back to 0.4 the following:
    * dock STRUT support -- requires sticky windows of some kind
    * managed gap layer (again, sticky windows somehow)
    * sticky windows in the droundy style.

So, if 0.3 is the floating layer release, looks like 0.4 will be the
sticky windows release, assuming we can come up with a nice way to
manage us these things. David, get started on thinking about this -- if
you're not already :-)

-- Don

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