[Xmonad] Issue 17 in xmonad: User-definable X monad state type

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Mon Jun 25 00:15:14 EDT 2007

Issue 17: User-definable X monad state type

Comment #4 by dons00:
Two requests recently wanted simple module-local state. One in particular,
remembering the last focused workspace, and binding a key to switch to it, could be
considered a basic use case for this module-local state feature.

One solution, btw, would be a module type class with private state (ooh, an
associated type..). 

And given some time thinking about this, I think a light weight way to declare simple
state types, that are module-private would be best. Lambdabot does this, perhaps we
can do it with a type class in a similar way.

The 'remeber last workspace' would be a nice thing to support for 0.3.

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