[Xmonad] Issue 29 in xmonad: MergeFB " Pseudo" Xinerama not supported

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Sun Jun 24 06:32:22 EDT 2007

Issue 29: MergeFB "Pseudo" Xinerama not supported

Comment #5 by SpencerJanssen:
As you may realize, I suspect that this is a build issue rather than a problem with
the code.  I've just added a little diagnostic support in X11-extras, please upgrade
and run:

ghc -e 'Graphics.X11.Xlib.Display.openDisplay "" >>=

ghc -e 'Graphics.X11.Xinerama.compiledWithXinerama'

Try this from a brand new 'darcs get' of X11-extras, to rule out the possibility of
any old configuration bits causing problems.

If this isn't a build issue, I'm not sure what's going on -- the C code you've posted
seems equivalent to the code currently in X11-extras.

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