[Xmonad] darcs patch: move Spiral to LayoutHelpers. (and 3 more)

David Roundy droundy at darcs.net
Sat Jun 23 17:21:15 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Here's a massive patch to move code over to the new doLayout.  I don't
recall what tabbed+Xinerama did before, but right now the tabs are only
properly printed on the screen that has focus (at least using LayoutScreens
to fake Xinerama).  I haven't figured out why this is, and am tired, so
this is where this is going to be left for the day.  It doesn't seem to me
like a big deal, since you can't click on those tabs until you put the
focus on that screen.  Not that I don't want to fix it, but I would like to
see these patches applied in spite of the problem, since this particular
breakage is mild enough that it shouldn't hurt anyone's productivity.


Sat Jun 23 07:35:16 PDT 2007  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * move Spiral to LayoutHelpers.

Sat Jun 23 07:35:42 PDT 2007  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * introduce idModify which is just "const (return Nothing)".

Sat Jun 23 07:37:45 PDT 2007  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * move Accordian to use idModify.

Sat Jun 23 14:09:52 PDT 2007  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * make everything work with new doLayout.
  This modifies all the contrib modules to work (so far as I know) with the
  new contrib layout.  The exception is the LayoutHooks module, which isn't
  used.  It exports an API that is inherently unsafe, so far as I can tell
  (and always has been).

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