[Xmonad] Xnest and Xmonad

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Jun 22 09:32:06 EDT 2007

> | I haven't used this for a while, and there might be more bulletproof
> | ways to do this, but I used to run xmonad inside xmonad (with
> | different modkeys) using this shell script (or rather, something like
> | it - I've thrown out some vestigal stuff).
> Oh good stuff!  It actually works.  Thanks.
> On the original xterm I get some "Could not init font path element" errors, plus
> "XLib: extension "XINERAMA" missing"
> but they don't seem to stop the xnest window displaying and xmonad functioning inside it.
> Ok, so I'm off home base, thanks.

Wonderful. Next step is probably to walk through the 'guided tour' to
get a sense of the interface, and then try some simple changes to
Config.hs;recompile; mod-q to reload the changes and see them reflected.

-- Don

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