[Xmonad] Xnest and Xmonad

Andy Gimblett A.M.Gimblett at swansea.ac.uk
Fri Jun 22 08:30:51 EDT 2007

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 01:11:28PM +0100, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:
> Can someone give me some idiot-level step by step instructions for
> how to run xmonad inside xnest, alongside other running
> applications?  I have all the pieces; I just need to know how to set
> up the config files or whatever.  I know some of you have done this.

I haven't used this for a while, and there might be more bulletproof
ways to do this, but I used to run xmonad inside xmonad (with
different modkeys) using this shell script (or rather, something like
it - I've thrown out some vestigal stuff).

Caveat: I haven't tested this before sending - but it ought to be
reasonable, I think.



Xnest :1 -name "Xnest" +kb -ac -bw 5 -geometry 1260x780 &

xsetroot -display :1 -solid gray


wait $!


Hope this helps!


Andy Gimblett
Computer Science Department
University of Wales Swansea

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