[Xmonad] problems with java-applications (swing?)

JAWR at gmx.de JAWR at gmx.de
Wed Jun 20 08:35:21 EDT 2007


I've got an issue with xmonad: I've tried 3 different java applications (all
using the swing toolkit). The applications are starting fine but their window
is painted completely gray (ok the splash screen is actually painted correct
but thats not really useful ;) ). However starting these applications in
Xnest works perfect and everything is painted as it should.
There was an similar issue on this list with JabRef (see
http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/xmonad/2007-June/000615.html) which is also
a swing application. I think there is maybe a problem with the above
mentioned swing toolkit because other java applications using the awt toolkit
(like eclipse) don't have this painting issue.
I'm using xmonad and X11-extras from darcs pulled and compiled on 2007-06-18.


PS: great work so far! keep on going!
PPS: sorry for my bad english ;)
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