[Xmonad] Issue 23 in xmonad: Processes from .xinitrc stay around forever

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Jun 13 08:46:04 EDT 2007

> codesite-noreply at google.com writes:
> > When one of the processes started in the background from .xinitrc
> > exits, it will stay around as a "defunct" process until
> > xmonad quits, because xmonad apparently doesn't wait() on processes
> > that it doesn't even know about. I'm not entirely sure whether this is
> > typical behavior for a window manager, nor whether it should be
> > considered a bug.
> I guess if .xinitrc started them, .xinitrc should wait on them.
> Kai

I explicitly wait in my .xinitrc, (here's the script exec'd from



    # with a pipe talking to an external program
    rm -f $PIPE
    /sbin/mkfifo -m 600 $PIPE
    [ -p $PIPE ] || exit

    # launch the external 60 second clock, and launch the workspace status bar
    xmonad-clock | dzen2 -e '' -x 300 -w 768 -ta r -fg $FG -bg $BG -fn $FONT &

    # and a workspace status bar
    dzen2 -e '' -w 300 -ta l -fg $FG -bg $BG -fn $FONT < $PIPE &

    # go for it
    xmonad > $PIPE & 

    # wait for xmonad
    wait $!

    pkill -HUP dzen2
    pkill -HUP -f xmonad-clock


What do other wms do?

-- Don

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