[Xmonad] Issue 23 in xmonad: Processes from .xinitrc stay around forever

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Wed Jun 13 08:31:05 EDT 2007

Issue 23: Processes from .xinitrc stay around forever

New issue report by jaapweel:
Typically, xmonad is execed by a script that may have forked off a number
of processes before the exec() happened. For instance, I have a .xinitrc
that looks like this:

 artsd &
 gnome-volume-manager &
 exec /home/weel/opt/bin/xmonad

When one of the processes started in the background from .xinitrc exits, it
will stay around as a "defunct" process until xmonad quits, because xmonad
apparently doesn't wait() on processes that it doesn't even know about. I'm
not entirely sure whether this is typical behavior for a window manager,
nor whether it should be considered a bug.

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