[Xmonad] darcs patch: change keybinding for restart to Escape.

Avi Rozen avi.rozen at mobileye.com
Tue Jun 12 07:30:58 EDT 2007

Andrea Rossato wrote:

> in Config.hs-boot import XMonad is already present. It's enough if you
> just add:
> workspaces  :: Int
> commands    :: [(String, X ())]
> here you can have a better understanding of what hs-boot files are
> needed for:
> http://haskell.org/ghc/docs/6.6/html/users_guide/separate-compilation.html#mutual-recursion
> ciao
> andrea
Thanks for the pointer. It's a bit over my head though (just got to
page 3 of the "gentle(?) introduction" ...) - but I think I get the
point (seems similar to the role of forward declarations in C/C++).

However, if I don't move the type signature declaration of commands to
Config.hs I get the following warning:
Warning: Definition but no type signature for `commands'

I guess something is still missing.


"If you are an expert in the intricacies of C++, please consider this
knowledge a kind of martial art - something a real master never uses."

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