[Xmonad] Tabbed layout, xinerama, strange crashing

Dave Harrison dave at nullcube.com
Sun Jun 10 21:32:39 EDT 2007

Hey all,

I've been trying out the new tabbed layout and it was working really
well for about 2 hours, then it suddenly just started killing my X for
some reason.

What I was finding was that as soon as I switched screens my session
would die (dropping me back to the gdm login page).  It would also do
this if I switched to a workspace > 5.  Weird eh ?

I'm using the darcs head for contrib, xmonad and x11-extras, so I
pulled the latest (again, just to be sure) for them and no updates.
I'm  also using Feisty Ubuntu as my OS if that makes any difference.

I rebuilt and reinstalled, no luck.

As soon as I dropped the tabbed module out and rebuilt/reinst xmonad
it's all back to working again (albeit sans tabbing which I really
REALLY miss now already :-) ).

Not being an X guru, and not very up on haskell, I'm not sure how to
try and debug this ... can anyone suggest how I might try and track
this problem down ?


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