[Xmonad] run-xmonad.sh

Alexandre Buisse buisse at cs.chalmers.se
Sun Jun 10 06:41:43 EDT 2007

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 12:25:36 +0200, Dave Harrison wrote:

> I've started using the run-xmonad.sh script, but I've found that only
> one of the menu bars start up correctly.
> I've recompiled dzen with xinerama support, and set the status bars to
> show up at the left and right of one of my screens. The menu that
> reads from the pipe for the workspace status works nicely.  However
> the other statusbar (which I can start from a terminal by hand, and
> see it show up doing its thing correctly) doesn't show up.
> Any ideas all ?

Are you using darcs version? Are you using xmonad-clock.c? When you say
that you can start it manually from terminal, are you using the exact
same command (something like "xmonad-clock | dzen2 &")? If launched
alone, does xmonad-clock show up its stuff correctly? Does run-xmonad.sh
display any error/warnings?

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