[Xmonad] floating layer questions

Avi Rozen avi.rozen at mobileye.com
Sun Jun 10 05:39:27 EDT 2007


I'm having trouble using apps with floating windows.

It seems that the only way to move an application to the floating
layer is by resizing/moving with the mouse - how do I use keyboard to
do this (how about alt-shift-t, to counteract alt-t, or just toggle with

Is there a way to launch an application directly into the floating
layer? this would help with applications that open many windows.
note: with wmii I just need to change focus to the floating layer
(even when empty) with alt-space before launching an app (e.g. from
dmenu with alt-p, or from an xterm that's already floating).

I'm pretty clueless about Haskell, so, at the moment, I can only nag
about features/questions.
I expect this will change soon enough, but until then -
please be gentle :-)


"If you are an expert in the intricacies of C++, please consider this
knowledge a kind of martial art - something a real master never uses."

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