[Xmonad] Xinerama & switching workspaces

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Jun 10 04:49:39 EDT 2007

> Spencer Janssen wrote:
> > You should try GreedyView in XMonadContrib.  Let me know how you like
> > it -- I've been considering making this the default behavior for some
> > time now.
> > 
> >> And, is there a better way to find something on another workspace ?
> > 
> > Hmm, not sure about this one.  Maybe write a little script for
> > XMonadContrib that pipes window names to dmenu and gives the selected
> > window focus?
> Hi Spencer,
> I can't seem to find any doc in the code on how I should change the
> switching method over to use greedy view, I've imported it, where do I
> need to make the change ?

You'd rebind the call to 'view' in Config.hs, to be greedyView, I think.

Something like:

    [((m .|. modMask, k), f i)
        | (i, k) <- zip [0 .. fromIntegral workspaces - 1] [xK_1 ..]
        , (f, m) <- [(view, 0), (shift, shiftMask)]]

would be replaced with greedyView, so that mod-1..n calls that instead.

If that's indeed the fix, can you submit a documentation patch to
GreedyView.hs, illustrating how to call it?

-- Don

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