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Tue Jun 5 23:32:41 EDT 2007

Issue 16: xmonad does not mark non-visible windows as iconified

Comment #5 by dons00:
The fix, as is (iconify and unmap hidden windows), leads to quite a bit of
awkwardness, unfortunately. Maybe this is why dwm doesn't do it.

The issue is that in unmapping and iconifying hidden windows requires a robust
way to distinguish unmapping due to iconify, from unmap due to delete. To do this we
ignore real unmap events, hoping for a synthetic event to be generated.

The benefit is:
  * you can reliably find out from X what windows are actually visible
  * we think this means flash on hidden workspaces won't steal focus

The downside is:
  * it breaks xmonad in at least 3 obscure ways:
     + we no longer reliably get unmap events before focus events, on delete
     + breaks scan, which can't easily spot windows that are iconified (fixable)
     + clients like xpdf, that unmap, seem to confuse xmonad

Without a reliable way to distinguish unmap/iconify/real from unmap/*real, we'll have
to revert this, and follow dwm.  Normal users should see no difference from xmonad 0.2.

Issue attribute updates:
	Summary: xmonad does not mark non-visible windows as iconified
	Status: Started

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