[Xmonad] border colours

Miikka Koskinen arcatan at kapsi.fi
Mon Jun 4 09:01:59 EDT 2007

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 12:58:12AM +0100, Bruce Stephens wrote:
> I note that normalBorderColor is a grey, and focusedBorderColor is
> red.  I don't find these particularly distinguishable.

I agree, and I have normal color vision. At the moment I use these

normalBorderColor  = "#333333"   -- dark grey
focusedBorderColor = "#aecf96"   -- light green

I find these colors very appealing and easy to distinguish against black
terminals. With GUI apps and their grey-colored widgets the colors do
not work, but I usually use GUI apps only in fullscreen mode so it's not
such a problem. I picked the latter color from some dzen screenshot by
Rob, by the way.

Miikka Koskinen, aka. arcatan

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