[Xmonad] darcs patch: first shot at a floating layer

Bruce Stephens xmonad at cenderis.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 1 05:06:57 EDT 2007

dons at cse.unsw.edu.au (Donald Bruce Stewart) writes:


> clocks, status bars and so on, go in the per-screen `gap', an unmanged
> region of the screen, on any (or all) borders. xmonad will ignore 
> clients in that area, that have override-redirect set on them.

Right, but that feels like losing a chunk of a screen for something
that's only occasionally of value.  I was thinking of having gkrellm
(or something similar) always visible, but perhaps (adjustably)
translucent, in which case it could just overlay normal windows.
Hence the idea of something like a floating layer.

Now I think of it, I think I was talking past David Roundy.  I think
he's talking about windows he wants to be in multiple workspaces in
the sense that they participate in the workspace layouts.  In this
case, at least, I *don't* want the windows to affect layout (which is
why I was thinking in terms of the floating stuff).

However, quite possibly it's not worth the complexity.  I'm sure a one
line status bar with dzen will be sufficient.  Or even a GNOME (or
KDE) panel, I guess, since those can also hide themselves (so wouldn't
need much permanent space---just few pixels).


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